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Alexa Chung’s ‘Five Girls’ style reference

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Alexa Chung has long been a fan of Gill from Sam’s first groundbreaking book ‘Five Girls’ published in 1962. In particular the shots of Gill sitting on the floor in black over-the-knee socks

Gill Black stockings Cover

In August 2007, plans were announced for Alex Turner to record an album with Miles Kane, James Ford and Owen Pallett. This new side group was named The Shadow Puppets. A month or two before this announcement Alexa and Alex started dating, a relationship that lasted until mid 2011. Alexa it turns out was responsible for suggesting the image of Gill on the cover of the album.


The Age of the Understatement, was released on 21 April 2008 and reached number one in its first week. The resultant publicity caused some online speculation about the identity of the model. Gill, is alive and well, a painter and a grandmother living with family in South Africa. At the time she was an art student with no modelling experience who just turned out to be a natural in front of the camera.

Alexa Chung and Alex Turner 02

Alexa now has a print of Gill in her black socks/stockings in her home and featured a variant of the shot (the first image in this post) in her book ‘IT’, to decorate a chapter discussing underwear choices. The book launched this month just as the October issue of British Vogue hit the book shelves with, Alexa on the cover. Nice timing.

Alexa Chung  October Vogue 2013

Alexa’s quirky. eclectic wardrobe, infused with good taste and her sexy girl-next-door image is an excellent fit with the aesthetic values from Sam’s black and white work in the 60’s. We are happy to have her as a fan.

Alexa Chung Over the Knee Comp

Lingerie shoot for Vogue Paris

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Sam did a lingerie shoot for Vogue Paris in 2002 (and later reprinted in Vogue Australia), which for some reason was rediscovered by a flurry of fashion blogs this week. A couple of images from this shoot appear in Sam's last book, Fashion Etcetera. Since the images are enjoying a burst of popularity I thought it as good a reason as any to give them another airing.

I am including here some of the images which didn't make it into the original article and a selection of those that did. Some shots are low res scans from the original magazine which is not in my possession and some are jpegs made from the Fashion Etcetera production files. The variation in quality is, I think, an acceptable trade off against the interest of showing the images together.


Sam Haskins Vogue Paris Emma Balfour 11.jpg

Sam Haskins Vogue Paris Emma Balfour 10.jpg

Sam Haskins Vogue Paris Emma Balfour 9.jpg

Sam Haskins Vogue Paris Emma Balfour 7.jpg

Sam Haskins Vogue Paris Emma Balfour 8.jpg

Sam Haskins Vogue Paris Emma Balfour 2.jpg

Sam Haskins Vogue Paris Emma Balfour 4.jpg

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