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Master Photographers

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

This image by Andreas Feininger was gifted to me on a memorable trip to New York when he and I had lunch at the restaurant on the top of the World Trade Centre. He surveyed Manhattan below us - his first experience of that view - and pointing to various locations related many stories from his life long love affair with the city.

The subject is photojournalist Dennis Stock winner of the Life "Young Photographer of the Year" contest, 1951. At the time Andreas was a staff photographer with Life magazine. The likely scenario is that he was assigned to make a portrait of the winner and being the man he was it was never going to be just any old snapshot.


As a tribute to the many photographers who have created the key images of the last 150 years, I have decided to create a list of my personal favourites. It is not intended to be academically definitive or to compete with the many sites dedicated to listing the 'masters of photography'. It is simply my list of favourites. Photographers, whom I believe, in one way or another, have defined the milestones of the evolution of our art and all of whom have made a lasting impression on my own thinking.

WordPress imposes limits on the size of such a large table so the results have been summarised as three 'pages' that are permanently available on the Pages section of this blog.

Here they are:

Favourite Photographers - p1 - born 1851 - 1900

Favourite Photographers - p2 - born 1901 - 1930

Favourite Photographers - p3 - born 1931 - 1960

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