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November – a landmark month for Sam Haskins

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Sam Haskins would have been 85 on the 11th of this month, the 26th of November 2011 will also mark the second anniversary of his death. Arguably his greatest single work, ‘November Girl’ published in 1967, continues to exert a powerful and widespread influence on the world of glamour, fashion and art photography

To celebrate his genius with the elusive ingredients of model, lights, studio and darkroom – here is a selection of images from ‘November Girl’. This was the culminating title in the figure trilogy from the sixties, ‘Five Girls’ (1962), ‘Cowboy Kate’ (1964) and ‘November Girl’ (1967). Along with ‘African Image’ also published in 1967, November Girl saw the high water mark of Sam’s pioneering creative work with black and white photography in the sixties. African Image pushed the envelope with book layout harder than November Girl, it was Sam’s book layout magnum opus but in terms of photographing a nude model in the studio November Girl remains unsurpassed to this day.

One of Sam’s stylistic signatures was the use of simple ‘easily-to-hand’ props. A black raincoat from Macy’s, a set (which of course he built) made to look like a bohemian loft in Paris (one of the reasons, no doubt, why the French are so in love with ‘November Girl’), a simple cotton scarf, odd postcards and collectibles from his home.

Novermber Girl by Sam Haskins CU 12

Novermber Girl by Sam Haskins CU 14

Novermber Girl by Sam Haskins CU 11

Novermber Girl by Sam Haskins CU 10B

Novermber Girl by Sam Haskins CU 15

November Girl by Sam Haskins RC3C

Novermber Girl by Sam Haskins CU 13B

Novermber Girl by Sam Haskins BO 16B

Novermber Girl by Sam Haskins SS 01

The selection above is intended to give an airing to a small sampling of the many gems from November Girl that are routinely overlooked by editors who seem to keep choosing the same iconic images. Some of the famous November Girl shots have featured on the blog before but for the sake of a cohesive tribute I am repeating them below.

November Black Raincoat by Sam Haskins 07

November Girl Bare Light 01

November and Horse by Sam Haskins

November Girl Church Towers by Sam Haskins

November Dance by Sam Haskins

November and Portrait by Sam Haskins

November Girl by Sam Haskins Black Raincoat 05

November Cape Docks by Sam Haskins


Sam Haskins for Celine – New Windows!

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Following the success of the Isetan windows in Tokyo earlier this year, Celine have rolled out new window designs featuring Sam's photography in multiple countries in the Far East.

This time the image is from the famous black raincoat series in 'November Girl' published in 1967. November Girl was the final book in Sam's iconic figure photography trilogy from the sixties. The two preceding titles were 'Five Girls' and 'Cowboy Kate and other stories'.





Here is another famous image from the 'November Girl' black raincoat series which also appeared in 'Fashion Etcetera', published in 2009.

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Celebrating Summer and Paris

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Ofr Bookstore and Gallery are hosting an intimate fun show of Sam's work. This is the first retrospective of Sam's legendary calendar photography, produced primarily for Pentax from 1971 to 2000. The show runs from July 9th through to the end of August.

The 'Summer' part of the theme is obviously represented by the calendars whereas 'Paris' is being represented by 'November Girl' in various states of deshabillé with her melancholic longings in a bohemian bedroom and a cigarette to hand. In fact, the pictures were shot in Sam's studio in Johannesburg in 1966, using sets he styled and built, 'November Girl' has always been a firm favourite with the French who view her as quintessentially Parisian.

Two very rare signed vintage prints (with a handful of exceptions, Sam's vintage archive was unsigned) will be offered along with contemporary prints and vintage calendars.

See you in Paris...


Ofr Haskins Exhibition Poster 4.jpg

Ofr Haskins Exhibition Poster zoom.jpg

November Girl with image on wall 01.jpg

Agrandir le plan

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African Image – Celebrating sub-Saharan Africa

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

'African Image' was published in 1967 the last full calendar year that Sam and Alida were based in Johannesburg. This was his parting love letter to Africa. It was long before art books on Africa were popular and Sam's wife Alida had a tough time getting publishers to take the book. She twisted arms by saying they could have 'November Girl' (the book the followed 'Cowboy Kate') if they also took 'African Image'. It has in the meantime become a collectors piece both among lovers of photo books and collectors of African art. It’s the latter aspect of Africa, its indigenous art, that forms the core theme of a title that Sam affectionately referred to simply as 'Image'.

Although there were many workshops and lectures in subsequent years, Sam didn't return to shoot in Africa until he produced the 1999 Pentax Calendar in the Cape a very different celebration.

Sam had admired the pictures of Brodovitch dynamically editing the layout of a Richard Avedon book with loose prints spread out on on a carpeted floor high in a Manhattan skyscraper. In a slower and vertical version of that process he taped the entire book to the studio wall (see photo below). Almost daily for many weeks he made changes and additions, refining sequence, cropping, and shooting fresh material to fill gaps until the entire book rang like a bell.


Below are the cover and back cover from the African Image dust jacket.



The quarterly Bergdorf Goodman magazine (March 2010) published this week features an article about African Image that includes some of the following spreads.








[Ludwig - Sam's son]

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