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Mario Giacomelli

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Christies of London are holding their Spring auction of photographic prints on May 15th at King Street. The sale includes 8 prints by one of my favourite photographers, Mario Giacomelli. He really should have been included in the list of favourites that I posted in March and the omission has been corrected.

It is not the individual photo that’s important to me, but the series, the story.

Mario Giacomelli – in his last interview, 2000

Giacomelli’s passion for weaving narrative with his camera is close to my heart. In every image one sees him thinking like a painter, a graphic artist, a story teller and a master photographer.

Here are some samples from the prints for sales at Christies. The first image in the series has been cropped due to a gutter blemish from the catalogue scan.



Giacomelli was so passionate about planning his rural landscapes that he went to the extent of loaning tractors so that he could ‘draw’ his vision in the fields.


You can view the entire catalogue online here, the Giacomelli images start on page 90.

The web page for the sale can be found here.

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