Remembering Marcel Marceau

Marcel Marceau died this week. Obituaries from the mainline press can be found below. His extraordinary ability to speak a common human language to the whole world was unique. At a time when geopolitics was gripped by the cold war and American school children were being drilled in readiness for a nuclear attack by cowering under their desks – Marcel Marceau was the antidote to the ‘mutually assured destruction’ madness. The fragility, the beauty, the courage, the heartbreak, the hope and incredible creative triumph that defines life, found a master story teller in Marceau. He enchanted audiences irrespective of culture, language or religion. At a time when the world needs artists of his calibre, stature and positive magic more than ever, his passing is a bitter loss.

The Independent: Marcel Marceau, Silence Falls on Marcel Marceau, Master of the Mime

The New York Times: Marcel Marceau, Renowned Mime, Dies at 84.

As a homage to Marceau here is a shot, inspired by Bip, from ‘Five Girls’ – the model went on to become Cowboy Kate – a story that was first inspired by a purely fun shoot in a different floppy hat belonging to the model.


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