Triumph and Tragedy

Yesterday morning, in his hotel room in New York, less than 12 hours before the opening of the most important exhibition of his career, Sam suffered what doctor's are classifying as a moderate stroke.

He is currently being stabilised at St Vincent's hospital and is eventually expected to recover most of his mobility. He will certainly require weeks of rehabilitation in New York before returning home to Australia.

He remains lucid - even in the emergency room he was issuing instructions about the lighting in the gallery and urging me to keep posting to his blog while he was recovering.

While an extraordinary 82 year old man lies very ill in a hospital in New York, a few blocks away there is an exhibition of roughly 200 of his images spanning his career - the first thematic slice through his archive.

Many people have been writing and calling, offering to help. Sam is being very well cared for, the best thing that people can do for him now, is to see his show!

I will continue posting to the blog on Sam's behalf while he recovers.

Ludwig Haskins (Sam's son)

Here is an image of the billboard size vinyl covering the big window at Milk that faces the marvellous new highline walkway along the west side of the meat packing district.

Sam Haskins at Milk - poster

FASHION ETECETERA Sam's latest book launched on September 19th with the opening of his exhibition at Milk Gallery in New York. Milk is at 450 West 15th Street. A Google map can be found here.

The project is a partnership with the Tommy Hilfiger group who have exclusive 3rd party rights to market, distribute and sell a special edition of the book and are sole sponsors of the exhibition.

A PDF of the standard edition French Fold jacket can be viewed here. A PDF of the special edition cover to be sold in Tommy Hilfiger stores can be viewed here

For clarification of the two editions of FASHION ETCETERA please see the 'Two Editions' post on this blog.

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