Once upon a time the Olympics was about, sport, beauty and art. In recent years we have had Olympics marred by excessive commercialism (Atlanta), terrorism (Atlanta and Munich), drugs (every modern games) politics (1980 USA boycott Soviet Olympics – 1984 Soviets reciprocate with Los Angeles games) and war (every world war and Soviet invasion of Afghanistan).

This year, campaigners desperate for political leverage, are putting pressure on China with a threatened ‘Genocide Olympics’ press campaign, to stop supporting the regime in Khartoum, with whom they do a lot of business.

One can only sympathise with the campaigners desperate to end the killing in Darfur but its sad to see the years of work put in by athletes, designers and organisers being manipulated into a distracting media coup because the world cannot find a way to keep the Olympics pure, to respect the athletes and their short time in the limelight after years of working in obscurity.

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