Energy Crisis

The London Independent - famous for using information design to help tell a story has a striking front cover today dealing with the global energy crisis.

This is not like the oil shock of the early seventies - the supply and demand dynamics have altered fundamentally. Experts agree that peak oil is unfolding. The flip side of the bad news is that the pursuit of alternative energy, a systematic diversification away from oil, will not be tampered with by greedy oil companies and nuclear lobbyists. This time the world will get serious about conservation and sustainability.

For those of us who remember the romantic days of global journeys from A-to-B by sea and rail there will probably be a wonderful new high tech version of the past in the future of long distance travel. Certainly with airlines now citing fuel as a third of their costs - the days of low cost long distance journeys powered by jet engines may be drawing to a close.

Here are some fun shots from a calendar I shot for British Airways cargo in the 70s. The calendar and the story of the shoot were featured as a double page spread in the Evening Standard. At the bottom of the list the two images compromising the spread are shown individually and the very last image is a close up of the T-shirts we had printed for the shoot. In today's politically correct climate the ad agency's concept would never have seen the light of day. But the seventies was a decade full of fun when the humour of visual thinking and advertising wasn't as closely policed as it is today.

British Airways Cargo 01

British Airways Cargo 01B

British Airways \'Cargo\' on Pallet

British Airways Cargo - Man Handled

British Airways Spread A

British Airways Spread B

British Airways Cargo T-shirts

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