Robert Rauschenberg – 1925 – 2008

Robert Rauschenberg was a giant among the giants of American art. Given my life long love affair with collage his work holds a special place in my admiration. The New York Times have, as usual, published an excellent obituary. Rauschenberg was a highly eclectic visual powerhouse in post-war American art and his passing this week leaves a huge gap. His work struck an era defining balance between high powered creativity, fun and depth which radiates effortlessly from his images.

No American artist, Jasper Johns once said, invented more than Mr. Rauschenberg. Mr. Johns, John Cage, Merce Cunningham and Mr. Rauschenberg, without sharing exactly the same point of view, collectively defined this new era of experimentation in American culture.
Michael Kimmelman, New York Times

Here is an example of my work influenced by Robert Rauschenberg. The figure is from the wondrous Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo, Norway and the background is a wall in Venice.


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