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Levis genius from its customers

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

One of the good things about Sam’s new presence on Tumblr – apart from being included in that vibrant visual community – is that I very quickly get to see which specific images are most popular.

In the seventies Levis had a competition and a travelling exhibition of denim decorated by their customers. The results were terrific and I posted a couple to Tumblr which proved really popular, so here is a bigger selection from that shoot. Sadly the executives at Levis got cold feet over the nudes and the photographs were never used commercially.

Delia Levis Jacket R by Sam Haskins

Delia Levis on Straw Bale by Sam Haskins

Delia Levis Brown Grass 3 by Sam Haskins

Delia Levis Guns and Breast by Sam Haskins

Delia Levis Brown Grass by Sam Haskins

Delia Levis on floor by Sam Haskins 02

Delia Levis Jump

Delia Levis Doll on chair by Sam Haskins 02

Delia in Dragon Pant by Sam Haskins 02

Delia Levis Floral by Sam Haskins

Delia Levis Sun Motive by Sam Haskins

Delia Levis Stud Jacket 3 by Sam Haskins

Summer’s coming

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

The daffodils are up in London. The Scandinavian’s are taking their last weekend skiing breaks of the season and in three month’s time balmy days in Stockholm will look like this.

From Sam’s 1977 Pentax Calendar shoot in Scandinavia.

Red Boat Stockholm by Sam Haskins

The Honeymoon Series

Monday, March 19th, 2012

From roughly 1990, this is, to be best of my knowledge, the only set of erotic photographs that Sam produced with a couple. A husband and wife modelled for this session in Sam’s Wimbledon studio.

Honeymoon 03 by Sam Haskins

Honeymoon 01 by Sam Haskins

Honeymoon 02 by Sam Haskins

Sam Haskins a talk by Ludwig at Coventry University

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Sam Haskins talk by Ludwig

This is a talk I gave about Sam at Coventry university in 2011, as part of the #picbod series.

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The talk is also available as an Enhanced Podcast. For viewing options see this Tumblr page.