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Model Maker

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Sam brought a love of illusion and fun plus a huge load of non-photographic craftsmanship to his photography, his home and his hobbies. Trained as painter, sculptor and photographer he also poured his love of making things into furniture making, vintage car restoration, gardening, model making and set building.

I remember (I was only about 8 at the time) that he had an assignment from a cigarette company to produce a pack shot with Rome airport in the background. For one reason or another flying to Rome was not on – winter weather, permission to shoot on the tarmac – whatever. He calmly told the client that he would recreate the airport in the studio. Today I came across this shot of Sam with the Rome airport model he built in his Johannesburg studio.

Update: Almost four year’s later, scrunched up amongst some of Sam’s magazines, I found the ‘Rome Airport’ Peter Stuyvesant shot. See below:

Peter Stuyvesant Ad

Airport Model by Sam Haskins

Airport Model by Sam Haskins CU 03

The final shot is somewhere in his archive. If I find it I will add it to this post. If anyone has a copy please send me a scan.

The image below was one of several humorous models and photographs that he used to punctuate the sequence of images in his slide show.

I am a Camera model by Sam Haskins