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From Sunday – one of the ‘other stories’ in Cowboy Kate and Other Stories

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Sunday from Cowboy Kate 02 by Sam Haskins

Sunday from Cowboy Kate 01B by Sam Haskins

Dress Form

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

From the archive. Sam mastered many genres of photography but his defining creative signature was simply working with a good model in the studio – often with found props and improvising freely. He was always prepared to take risks and make mistakes in the pursuit of magic. The model is ‘Cowboy Kate’. I spotted these shots when we were working on ‘Fashion Etcetera’ and petitioned to have one included in the book.

Kate Dress Form by Sam Haskins 01

Kate Dress Form by Sam Haskins 02B

Haskins Posters – T-Shirt

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

It’s become something of an annual tradition in Japan, each year someone produces a Sam Haskins t-shirt. They are beautifully printed on excellent cotton. This year Tsuyoshi Noguchi has styled the cover shot from Sam’s book ‘Haskins Posters’ onto two versions for Traverse Tokyo. Links here and here.

Traverse t shirt Sam Haskins

Below is the original shot as reproduced in ‘Fashion Etcetera’, the cover of Haskins Posters and a cover of British Journal of Photography BJP in the year of publication, 1972.

Haskins Posters Cover Print Sam Haskins

Haskins Posters Cover Sam Haskins

BJP Cover Sam Haskins

Sam’s Last Shoot – For Harper’s Bazaar – Sydney December 2006

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

The last time Sam stood behind a camera (in a professional capacity) was December 2006 in Sydney for Harper’s Bazaar Australia’s Spring 2007 10th anniversary issue. It was less than a month after his 80th’s birthday. After this he launched into the ‘Fashion Etcetera’ project which launched in 2009.

Apart from anything else this shoot was also a master class in lighting. Fortunately there was a young Australian assistant there who realised what he was witnessing. Christopher Ireland mentioned the shoot on his Facebook wall last week.

I had worked at the time with numerous international fashion photographers. Sam was by far the best – I was transfixed by his talent. It was a life changing moment and I often cite this moment when people ask me where I get my enthusiasm and passion.

Christopher Ireland

*Sam was 80 not 82 on that shoot and it was 4 years ago.

Of course Sam was unhappy with the results. But the work speaks for itself. It was also the one and only time he worked with a digital camera on a professional shoot and he loved it.

Sam Haskins for Harpers Bazaar 2007 H

Sam Haskins for Harpers Bazaar 2007 E

Sam Haskins for Harpers Bazaar 2007 A

Sam Haskins for Harpers Bazaar 2007 B

Sam Haskins for Harpers Bazaar 2007 C

Sam Haskins for Harpers Bazaar 2007 D

Sam Haskins for Harpers Bazaar 2007 F

Sam Haskins for Harpers Bazaar 2007 G

Sam Haskins for Harpers Bazaar 2007 I