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Eye Magazine take a look at Fashion Etcetera

Friday, August 28th, 2009

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Wayne Ford, writing for the Eye magazine blog, has taken a very supportive look at Fashion Etcetera and my career.

See the full article on Eye's blog or read it in PDF form here.

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Salon des Refusés – part 4

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

In the course of producing my new book 'Fashion Etcetera' we ended up with a long short list, retouching and rejecting a volume of images almost equal to those that made it into the final book which contains 177 colour images and 114 black and whites.

Jacqui-Dutch-Widow_by_Sam Haskins.jpg

Delia-on-Theatre-baskets_by_Sam Haskins.jpg

This is the fourth post in a blog series featuring shots that hit the cutting room floor. Other photographs in this series can be seen here:

Salon des Refusés - part 1

Salon des Refusés - part 2

Salon des Refusés - part 3

FASHION ETECETERA will be launched in September with an exhibition at Milk Gallery in New York. The project is a partnership with the Tommy Hilfiger group who have exclusive 3rd party rights to market, distribute and sell a special edition of the book and are sole sponsors of the exhibition.

A PDF of the standard edition French Fold jacket can be viewed here. A PDF of the special edition cover to be sold in Tommy Hilfiger stores can be viewed here

For clarification of the two editions of FASHION ETCETERA please see the 'Two Editions' post on this blog.

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Milton Glaser

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Milton Glaser is without doubt one of the most impressive artists I ever met.

Photos: Sam Haskins



His recent book 'Drawing is Thinking' (published by Overlook Press) is a view into an extraordinary and highly intelligent mind at work and play. Glaser is also acutely articulate and charming when talking about design and illustration in general as well as his own work. The interview with Peter Mayer in the book is an important complement to the drawings.


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Apollo Photography

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Photo: © Sam Haskins

The recent and very worthy celebration of the moon missions has flooded our screens and print media with vintage imagery from the late sixties and early seventies. How the world-on-earth has changed! In amongst all the soul searching editorial about the future of space travel and NASA's confused years after Apollo, I felt that not nearly enough credit went to the astronauts for their extraordinary photography. Not only did they bring back images of earth that forever changed our perception about the magnificent and fragile planet we inhabit, they also returned with long hidden treasure. A series of primordial moonscapes that are as poetic, tender and moving as any landscape ever produced by a master photographer on earth.

Lovingly restored images from NASA's archives form a book called FULL MOON by Michael Light published in 1999 by Jonathan Cape and available in various formats from Amazon.

They may have been taken around 1970 but there is not a spec of moon dust that looks dated - these are truly windows onto eternity and a glimpse of our own planet in its infancy. Awe inspiring and enthralling.

Any serious photo library is incomplete without this book. Here's a scan of the jacket from my scuffed copy.

Full-Moon-Cover.jpgPhoto: © NASA

For those of you who would like a virtual visit to the moon it is now possible with the Moon in Google Earth.

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