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V&M’s Sam Haskins Sale

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

V&M’s online sale of Sam Haskins inkjet prints – signed, unsigned and in a new giant size.

VandM SS Sam Haskins Sale 01

VandM SS Sam Haskins Sale 04

The quotes above read:

“The most talented photographer of the nude of his generation”
- Alessandro Bertolotti, Books of Nudes, 2007

“Seldom if ever has a nude been treated with such photographic sensitivity.”
- Modern Photography (US Magazine) Volume 32, 1968, Review of November Girl (1967)

VandM SS Sam Haskins Sale 03

Sam Haskins helped epitomise professional photography’s lively new freedom of approach.”
- The Story of Photography by Michael John Langford, 1967

V&M Sam Haskins Event in NY

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

V&M are the leading online design and decoration store/market place – a super stylish destination for finding art, design, furniture and decoration. V&M are currently hosting an online sale of Sam Haskins prints. As part of the promotion of the collaboration an event was held in New York at the end of July. Here are the sounds and images of the night.

Tuesday 064

1IMG 0016

Tuesday 344

Tuesday 611

Tuesday 558

Tuesday 101

Tuesday 773

Tuesday 188

IMG 1110 Copy

0IMG 0036 2

Tuesday 496

Tuesday 357

Tuesday 701

1IMG 0171B

Sam’s Portrait of Milton Glaser used for the graniph t-shirt project

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Sam Haskins was a huge Milton Glaser fan. He subscribed to the ‘Push Pin Graphic‘ (a design newsletter produced by Milton Glaser and Seymour Chwast) way back in the days of his Johannesburg studio and from the time Sam set up his London studio in 1968 he had Milton Glaser art on the walls. Glaser images are still hanging in the house to this day. Sam would have been tickled to see his portraits of Glaser being used by graniph for their collaboration project with the legendary NY designer and illustrator.

Milton Glaser for graniph collaboration site

Milton Glaser by Sam Haskins 02

Milton Glaser Graniph Hang tag

Milton Glaser Bob Dylan for graniph B

There are several other classic designs in the range of t-shirts launched today by graniph. You can find details here.

Levis genius from its customers

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

One of the good things about Sam’s new presence on Tumblr – apart from being included in that vibrant visual community – is that I very quickly get to see which specific images are most popular.

In the seventies Levis had a competition and a travelling exhibition of denim decorated by their customers. The results were terrific and I posted a couple to Tumblr which proved really popular, so here is a bigger selection from that shoot. Sadly the executives at Levis got cold feet over the nudes and the photographs were never used commercially.

Delia Levis Jacket R by Sam Haskins

Delia Levis on Straw Bale by Sam Haskins

Delia Levis Brown Grass 3 by Sam Haskins

Delia Levis Guns and Breast by Sam Haskins

Delia Levis Brown Grass by Sam Haskins

Delia Levis on floor by Sam Haskins 02

Delia Levis Jump

Delia Levis Doll on chair by Sam Haskins 02

Delia in Dragon Pant by Sam Haskins 02

Delia Levis Floral by Sam Haskins

Delia Levis Sun Motive by Sam Haskins

Delia Levis Stud Jacket 3 by Sam Haskins