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The Opening I Missed

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Not only did I miss the friends and family opening on September 19th, the day of my stroke, I also missed the sponsor's party on September 24th, my second last day in hospital. However, Ludwig arranged for a small group of visitors to visit me in my room at St Vincent's while the party was in progress. After my first shower in a week and free of hospital gown and IV drip plumbing, it was joy to welcome them - especially Mary McFadden who is a dear and loyal old friend from our days in Johannesburg.

Mary McFadden and Sam Haskins at St Vincent's Hospital New York. A single frame from an iPod Nano video.

Meanwhile back at Milk, a few blocks away...

Oren Haskins, Ludwig Haskins and Rassi Mazdack, director of Milk.

Ali, Tommy and Dee Hilfiger

My Book FASHION ETECETERA was launched with the current exhibition at Milk Gallery in New York. Milk Gallery is at 450 W 15th Street New York and runs until October 29th, 2009 (a three day extension over our the previous closing day). The project is a partnership with the Tommy Hilfiger group who have exclusive 3rd party rights to market, distribute and sell a special edition of the book and are sole sponsors of the exhibition.

A PDF of the standard edition French Fold jacket can be viewed here. A PDF of the special edition cover to be sold in Tommy Hilfiger stores can be viewed here

For clarification of the two editions of FASHION ETCETERA please see the 'Two Editions' post on this blog.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008


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Love Talk

Saturday, February 9th, 2008


The great poets notwithstanding, when it comes to communicating in general, and love in particular – women do seem to take more care. Statistics on phone calls are a little hard to come by but text messages and flower purchases yield some interesting data.

Men may buy more flowers overall on Valentine’s day than women; 64% against 36%, which is entirely to be expected given the modern tradition but, when it comes to real communication, women invest more.

A Sheffield University study showed the average length of text message (measured in characters per message) based on Sender & Recipient gender, to be:

Men to women: 74,
Women to men: 80,
Women to women: 82,
Men to men: 60.

Not only do women appear to invest more in communication they also spread the love around. Flower purchases on Valentine’s Day for close family other than Spouse were twice as high for women than for men to the following recipients; Mothers, Children, Grandparents and Sisters. And, they don’t forget the rest of their family when it comes to expression of love – women send four times more flowers on Valentine’s day to other relatives than men.

Interestingly, depending on which statistics you look at, between 15% and 22% of women also buy themselves flowers on Valentine’s day – against only 2% of men.

Information about the history of Valentine’s day can be found on Wikipedia.

Pay Phone Footnote:

AT&T Inc. have announced plans to exit the shrinking pay phone business in the USA by the end of 2008.

Mark Thomas, the proprietor of remarks on the possible demise of the communication facility in the face of competition from phones that double as cameras.

“Pay phones are lifelines for the down and out; their booths are rainy-day cocoons. You lose those, and you lose a lot of windows on the human condition”.

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